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Frequently Asked Questions

"Global Suppliers, Local Sellers, and Collection for Summer"

To shop with us, it is ensured and secured with specific procedures. Please find them of your concerns. While for the issues not placed well herein, kindly do not feel hesitated to contact us for the continuous improvements.

We work with factories and manufacturers upon their comprehensive capacity. And the products you find on our site are trendy, fairly qualified and priced.

1. Product Sold by Stay in Summer:

It normally costs 10-15 days.

2. Product Sold by On-Site Sellers:

Please find the delivery policy of the seller from whom you are going to buy the product.

Door-Door Delivery Service completes an order upon its signup at your appointed location; while a Neighboring Store Pickup fulfills its way in an store you have allocated.

We recommend you to choose the Store Pickup to get the parcel at your available time and save the last-mile delivery charges.

And you can check with the seller to find whether they have stores nearby you for pickup as well.


1. Product Sold by Stay in Summer:

We accept a return of product which signed in three days and in good condition and package.

Please follow the RMA procedure and we will follow up the request and solve it in three working days.

Click to Request New RMA

2. Product Sold by On-Site Sellers:

Please find the return policy of the seller from whom you have bought the product.

We accept kinds of payment methods including Money Order/Transfer, Payment by Wallet, Cash on Delivery.

Please contact or the seller to fulfill your order.

1. To own a wallet at our site, you could check out orders any country as our services covering and no trouble on currency changes.

2. Get wallet-cash-back on purchasing of specific products.

3. One-click to transfer any balance to your friends.

1. Use the Quote System/(Beat A Bargain) to buy from the seller upon her/his minimum bulk quantity.

2. Use the RFQ/Request for Quote/(Find More Supply) to find more supply in our marketplace of this product.

3. Use the RFQ/Request for Quote to upload your sample images and get the supply for any marketplace seller.


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